You Can Get A Garden Hose Sink That Doesn’t Need Any Extra Plumbing

A garden hose sink provides a huge deal of functionality in your backyard or garden. It keeps your gardening tools clean when tinkering in your garden and makes food preparation easier for your backyard barbecue party. Needless to say, an outdoor sink can make life easier. It gives you instant access to water every time you need to wash your hands. Hence, it stops you from leaving loads of dirt around as you go in and out of the house.

There are plenty of outdoor sink models that you can find on the internet, each flaunts a unique design and features. But this one from home furnishing company Brylane Home is absolutely a cut above the rest. This particular garden sink features a sophisticated and ergonomic design that is sure to impress your guests. Of course, this utility sink station is more than just its impressive looks. More importantly, it provides excellent functionality of providing water access anywhere outside your house.


Garden Hose Sink

garden hose sink

This garden sink gives you easy access to water for keeping your garden plants hydrated, cleaning off tools when you’re done gardening and keeping your hands clean after digging in the dirt. It mounts right to the wall and hooks up right to the water faucet for your garden hose. This outdoor sink station has a sliding cover that you can expand to make two separate extra work areas. Furthermore, the faucet can be folded down into the sink so you can slide the side panels together to make one large workspace. It serves as a good spot to prune your plants or prepare food.

garden hose sink outdoor station

Underneath the sink is a hose reel that also doubles as a utility storage. Simply wrap the garden hose around the reel to store it when not in use. Use the storage area to keep your gardening essentials such as gloves, hand shovel, pruning shears, soil knife and more. Secure your tools by closing the storage’s tiny door. Located on the side of the sink is a set of attachments for your hose and the drainage hose.

outdoor sink station

Take note that this version doesn’t come with a hose. So, you either buy a new one or use your existing garden hose. It also doesn’t come with mounting hardware. So, make sure you have a little knowledge about this hardware to mount the sink in place. When mounted on a wall, the entire sink station should measure 21.25 inches long, 17.5 inches wide and 22 inches tall. It is made from polypropylene and polyethylene which only requires wipe cleaning.

garden hose sink station

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