Dragon Toilet Paper Holder

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Add a bit of fire to your bathroom with this dragon toilet paper holder! Its beautifully hand painted and looks awesome. Certain to have people talking once they’ve been to the can!



  1. Kayleigh Smith Alexander

    cool. mum you'd like this lol x

  2. Kim Benham

    so want this.

  3. Nancy Baldauf

    Hey, Alyce, I hope you see this!

  4. Kayleigh Smith Alexander

    Bettina Smith you'd love this 😛 xxx.

  5. Fanie Deschamps

    Wow now this is nice!!! I want one. Maybe two lol

  6. Camille Winifred Stidsen

    I WANT!

  7. Charlene Jacklin

    cool I like this!

  8. Charlene Jacklin

    cool I like this!

  9. Christina Linn

    I want one!

  10. Belle Carpenter-

    Annette Petrocelly U LIKE THIS?

  11. Susie Barnett

    I want one!

  12. Ricky Donk Coleman

    Littlemo Angela Spencer.

  13. Ricky Donk Coleman

    Littlemo Angela Spencer.

  14. Reina Delila Yaari


  15. Zuri Simpson

    Dovahkiin, wipe your ass.

  16. Belinda Wilcox

    Need one like this for the kitchen paper.

  17. Lori Ann Hathorne-Babcock

    Check this out Tab Babcock.

  18. Rhiannon Marcelle Jeffery-Cameron

    Fiona Cameron how kool would this be lol.

  19. Vamp Alicious


  20. Peta Banner

    Aron banner

  21. Kalib O’Brien

    for Sam and Kat, found somethin u could use in the house.

  22. Chuck Yost

    I want this.

  23. Joanie E Wallace

    I love it.

  24. Mary Margaret Feddersen

    Omg it would go well in my collection

  25. Sam L Inthewoods


  26. Ruth Oliver

    Esther brown. Want one?

  27. Tim Scott

    I want two of them

  28. Robin Taylor

    Nice wood luv one

  29. Gabbie Parry

    Awsum- I love dragon stuff

  30. Lucas Warring

    Perfect touch to any bathroom 🙂

  31. Triina LiittleChiild

    Amazing! Want!!

  32. Carron Bilson

    one for Steph or Charly

  33. Kris Michelle Carr

    This is Awesome, just for you Andrea (Bucky)!!

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