Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

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Add a bit of fun to your cuppa with this yellow submarine tea infuser! Load the tea bag and let the submarine do the rest. Plunging down to the deep depths of your brew it will get to work releasing your teas essence leaving you the perfect brew!



  1. Mark Brown

    thats cool!

  2. Mark Brown

    thats cool!

  3. Belinda Hodge

    Marzy Malyss! yellow submarine tea!

  4. Jessica Anne Pearce

    Love it wait one

    • Dave Drinan

      Probably laced with acid, just like the Beetles when they wrote that song.

  5. Annette McClellan

    OMG, I totally love this!

  6. Annette McClellan

    OMG, I totally love this!

  7. Laura Sotelo

    Para los fans de los Beatles!

  8. Betsy Trevino

    Reminds me of you Elizabeth Quintanilla.

  9. Melissa Devlin

    Lol that's cool

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