Edges Brownie Pan

Adds two chewy edges to every brownie, fits standard box mixes with no adjustments necessary. One continuous chamber, so batter can be easily spread. Durable non-stick coating and heavy gauge cast aluminium construction.

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  1. Stephanie O’Brien

    Aggie Finfrock, omg- perfect for you….

  2. Nancy Vining Jones


  3. Naomi Salazar

    ahhaha this is from vat.19…

  4. Mike Hallenstein

    Great idea!

  5. Tina Marie Smith


  6. Wade Allen Jeske Pharr

    just what I would need.

  7. Carrie Leigh Swinscoe

    that's awesome everyone loves the edge piece

    • Nick Munday

      not true

  8. Christina Fell

    This was on Oprah!

  9. Robbi Flynn

    Oh hell yes!

  10. Natasha Haspert

    I'm drooling already… MmmMmmM

  11. Nicholas Yang


  12. Nicholas Yang


  13. Emily Valentine

    Caramel slice in this!!! Yes!

  14. Ava Shahine

    I love brownie <3.

  15. Luke Truehart

    awesome. The crispy edges with the gewy middle. YUM

  16. Tara Boley

    too bad studies show cooking in aluminum may increase your chances of having Alzheimer's.

  17. Jeff Stevens

    Too bad the Alzheimer's association fails to agree with your 'studies'

  18. Serite Ross

    im sorry guys, but i only like the gooey middle of all pastries 😀 anything wrong with that?

  19. Jessica Zamudio

    Im so in love with this site, too much cool stuff but i had to share this one!

  20. Lorena Desiree Visarraga

    Wow It just got serious…

  21. Stephanie Vigil

    Shit just got real.

  22. Claudia Newton

    I like the inside but my dad likes the edges—he'd love this!

  23. Greg Davis

    I Fortran have this!

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