Waterproof Headphones

These waterproof headphones even double up as ear plugs so they wont fall out of your ears while swimming! Specifically designed to be waterproof – the sound quality is just as great underwater as it is above. Perfect for getting you through those endless lengths!

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  1. Amy Fields Harness

    I want these! I could swim forever w/ these and the right music.

  2. Nalie Frayne

    perfect! now I just need a waterproof ipod……….

    • Benjamin Lloyd

      It has it's own 2gb memory dude.

    • Bhritnee RondaKay Blevins

      read the actual article before commenting. it stores music.

  3. Kameron King


  4. Trina Calocouras

    Nikki Catelotti if you're so into swimming, ever thought of this?

  5. Clarissa Haines

    Oh my gosh I want

  6. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo 🙂

  7. Rickard Ankarbranth

    But why isn't it over his ear?

    • Emma Ankarbranth

      Varför sover inte du?!!

    • Emma Ankarbranth

      Varför sover inte du?!!

    • Mike Zavala

      There meant to stay on the Cheek bone for some Reason, Not on the ears!

    • Gary Darer

      Because your ear cannot pick up on vibrations of sound that well underwater. The water creates buoyancy inside your ear where an ultra sensitive membrane needs to not be disturbed in order to pickup and transform vibrations into what we recognize as sounds.

      So by putting it on your cheekbones, you're bypassing the disabled ear issue and sending the vibrations into your head a different route. It's effective.

      Fun fact:
      This can be observed on land too. When we speak, we do not actually hear what everyone else does. We hear ourselves through the vibrations that travel directly from the vocal cords to the brain. That's why our recorded voice sounds so weird to us usually. We aren't used to hearing ourselves through our own ears.

  8. Peter Galley

    How would you know if Jaws is chasing you? You'd be able to hear music, but it wouldn't be the music that alerts you to the presence of giant man eating Great White Shark! Great innovation but a bit too risky if you ask me.

  9. Amy Lynn Korpal

    Dude I want these purely awesome lol.

  10. Lisa Logan


  11. Guillermo Tourn Ballesta

    Well, I guess both of you are right. The advrts says "headphones" not "music player", dudes. Cheers

  12. Andrew Wilcox

    Bhritnee RondaKay Blevins chill out!!

  13. Chris Jones

    or… great gift idea… this with a preloaded playlist… and in the middle, there's the jaws theme! 😀

  14. Fran Stanat

    are they blue tooth?

  15. Alex Garcia

    Gary Berleue Alejandro Rodriguez.

  16. Anthony Bizousky

    Plus, you could yse the Samsung Galaxy S4, it's water proof

  17. Anonymous

    Because it's just that way silly :p <3

  18. Joshua Melançon

    Awesome headphones

  19. Kyra Canicosa Taparo

    awesome . I want this 🙂

  20. Samantha Rae


  21. Megan Nevermine

    These would be cool if you are relaxing in the pool. This is one cool site.

  22. Maranatasha Kuringi Pea

    wow that would be super cool… 😀

  23. Simon Sørensen

    Benjamin Lloyd im pretty sure natalie aint a dude..

  24. Erika Jill Solano Hemmings


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