LED Attachment Nozzle

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Instantly know the temperature of the water coming out of your tap with this LED faucet nozzle attachment. Batteries not required – powered by the flow of water exiting the nozzle, hot water turns the LED red, and cold water turns the LED blue.

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  1. Hadi Al Tawil

    Now that is luxurious and modern !

  2. Paula Elizabeth Thorburn

    that's wicked

  3. Workshop service manuals on cdrom

    checkout my facebook page for a "like".

  4. Pace Hernandez

    I'm goin to get it.

  5. Skye Mundy


  6. Daniel Wasteaspace Henderson

    Casey Byrne

  7. Daniel Wasteaspace Henderson

    Casey Byrne

  8. Brianna Reum


  9. Corine Bagnowski

    Super cool!

  10. Mark Woolven


  11. Gus Man


  12. Cory Allen Knowlton


  13. Paula Voss

    how do I buy?

    • Andres Ochoa

      You press more info

  14. Vanessa Rusinko

    I want to get this for my sink…. washroom sink as well.

  15. Lucille Walter

    Love this

  16. Lucille Walter

    Love this

  17. Hannah Jane

    how do u buy that? x

  18. Brenda Britton-Pitrowski

    I would NEVER get the grand kids out of the bathroom. LOL

  19. Leanne Hart


  20. Jayy Frost

    This website just uses Amazon to get traffic. Don't think they actually sell any of this.

  21. Graham Nathan

    How cool!

  22. Aaron Hook

    That's awesome, I thought it would cost more

  23. Vitor Gonçalves

    Do you deliver in Brasil?

  24. Quandatosoft D Oglesby

    I want this.

  25. Aiken Dercksen

    Carol Diakoyannis

  26. Monique Unique Love


  27. Shush Mush

    one question how I'm going to put it on.

  28. Allison Alyson

    I love it

  29. Sabrina Lynn Crow Leonardo

    I love this!

  30. Mirabela Olariu

    I buy'it one 🙂

  31. Kristy Shevchuk

    Ben Clazie

  32. Heather Junus MollyMayhem

    You can get these from a site called showerheads too. Cody wants to get some,they're fukn wicked.

  33. Kristy Shevchuk

    we just bought a killa shower head last night I want this for the taps ha ha there sick !

  34. Heather Junus MollyMayhem

    Almost makes ya wanna shower in the dark! But seen too many scary movies for that shit lol

  35. Heather Junus MollyMayhem

    Hey Kristy do you cut baby hair?

  36. Chris Tempest

    it's called partnership Jay, one site gets customers fine another site, it's really sad that you haven't figured out how the internet works…..I wish you luck with your barn raising and beard growing hahahahahaha….. I guess you think that convent stores actually pay 3.99 for a can of chicken noodle soup

  37. Nina Marcos

    Martha Maqueira mira lo kiero comprar

  38. Caitlin Charlier

    How do u attach it?

  39. Henry Atkins

    I think it screws onto your tap

  40. Harold Sokolove

    We can always tell when new visitors to our house come out of the bathroom after they use the toilet and don't wash their hands if they don't mention the lighted faucet 🙂

  41. Billie-Jo Paul

    Wonder if This Works for color therapy? Anyone know?

  42. Etana Thompson

    SO cool!!!!

  43. Stivi Qoshku

    how can I install on my bathroom ??

  44. Princess Moore

    I would like to buy one how can I order one please?

  45. Tammy Braswell


  46. Meg Mitchell

    You have to click on more info that leads you to the amazon site :-). X ………….

  47. Heather Fish


  48. Stivi Qoshku

    could work

  49. Stivi Qoshku

    could work

  50. Jay Boshell

    It screws onto your sink faucet, it just replaces the existing nozzle.

  51. Jay Boshell

    It screws onto your sink faucet, it just replaces the existing nozzle.

  52. Jay Boshell

    Peres the more info button, you actually buy it from a seller.

  53. Jay Boshell

    Peres the more info button, you actually buy it from a seller.

  54. Jay Boshell


  55. Jay Boshell

    It's actually sold through sellers and there is a Brasil, so yes they can.

  56. Jay Boshell

    It just screws on your existing faucet, just unscrew and take off the old nozzle and replace with this one.

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