Photoshop Request Disasters That Are Actually Pure Gold

 When ‘Photoshop’ and other photo editing tools were invented, they paved the way for a world in which every single image could potentially be manipulated and tweaked to, so-called, ‘perfection’. Much funnier, and far more interesting than flawless images, however, is the Photoshop fail. And yes, every single image, as well as having ‘perfection’ potential, now has ‘epic Photoshop fail’ potential, too!

Get a picture in the right (or wrong) pair of Photoshop-savvy hands, and experience the on-purpose Photoshop fail to maximum effect! Like you’ll see in the images below!

Couldn’t she have just cropped the badge out if it really bothered her that much?

We would say a job well done.

What a creepy request… if only we knew all the gory details! 

Some people are far too vague with their requests! 

It’s crazy how much of a difference eyebrows make to a person’s overall look. 

Jokes aside, these girls have lovely hair! 

There was literally no need whatsoever for this request…

What a strange transformation…

The new and ‘improved’ photo would have made for a hilarious holiday card!

 We think this meant to say ‘persons’ or ‘people’…