Bottle Opener Remote

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Universal remote control bottle opener, can be used with TV, DVD, Cable, Satellite, VCR and more. It has a sleek design and is easy to use!

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  1. Gavin Barwell

    now that's what I'm talking about nice one bruv.

  2. Gavin Barwell

    now that's what I'm talking about nice one bruv.

  3. Gavin Barwell

    now that's what I'm talking about nice one bruv.

  4. Sunny Paramo

    Now if I could only find the damn remote

  5. Damart Lamont

    This is a remote control for real men! I am missing a cell phone with bottle opener. Would be even more useful…

  6. Ariana Elise Wolfarth

    I need this!

    • Josh Caldwell

      I'd love that!

  7. Phillip Heaton

    Takes the job of the woman doing it for you. poor invention. Next you'll be inventing a machine that washes up for your wife and a brand new product that is better than elbow grease

  8. Shannon Housh

    This is the remote lyle housh and monty stout need

    • Shannon Housh

      Lyle Housh and Monty Stout so need this

    • Monty Stout

      I have a longneck wrench, 9/16 open-end and Coors Light bottlecap on the other end!!! Works extremely well!!!

  9. Holly Rachael Fox

    Matty onit jay this would be handy for u lol

  10. Renee Mountain

    Best bday gift

  11. Shane Rooker

    Brandy Paul we need that

  12. Eva Bergite

    Lieta kā reiz uz hokeja čempi. 🙂

  13. Eva Bergite

    Lieta kā reiz uz hokeja čempi. 🙂

  14. Amy Gage

    Daniel Nolan

  15. Amy Gage

    Daniel Nolan

  16. Amy Gage

    Daniel Nolan

  17. Kirstie Thomson

    Does the remote actually work ??

  18. Jeremy Roe

    Now this is a must in any guys man cave!

    • Sandy Roe

      Maybe Emily will get you one for Father's Day

  19. James JimboJones Prater

    Pure genius…

  20. Kelly McKnight

    Bobby Miller I believe you might like this.

  21. Angie D. James

    Hahaaaa! OMG I know this will be in every man's hand on the planet! A man cave must-have…lol

  22. Jordan Walton

    Oh goody, you get to make your remote sticky.

  23. Stephanie Niski Strausser

    Every man's dream!

  24. Alexandra Chantell Castro

    I need to get this for Vince

  25. Akeem Dwayne Ralph Noel

    so hada get one in these.

  26. Devin A Hooks


  27. André Colter


  28. Vicki Martin Dorman

    Saw a pair of flip-flops with a bottle-opener in the heel…

  29. Betti Ménétrier

    C pour les gros sacs qui boivent des kro en beuglant devant un match du psg !

  30. Jeanne ArKo Houpert

    et y en a qui le font avec les dents !!!

  31. Josh Cloutier

    Now that's something useful

  32. Ashiiya Leigh Jones

    Tricia, why did we not have this?

  33. Tricia King

    pssshhhhh this is the pussy way of using a remote to open beer bottles! i did the bad ass way! no metal opener over hurr!

  34. Ashiiya Leigh Jones

    Lol, I suppose. Still a good concept. And you gotta admit, it woulda saved you a lot of cuts on your fingers ;p

  35. Tricia King

    that only happened from using the tape measurer!

  36. Ashiiya Leigh Jones

    I thought it was the remote too!

  37. Josh Weinstein

    14.99 on….

  38. Tasha Young


  39. Tasha Young

    Steve Spearsie Spear, Ian Edwards

  40. Stupid Comments

    GREAT, so instead of losing two things, I lose one!

  41. Shelley Gipson Reed

    when i learned the remote wasnt waterproof
    i was shocked

  42. Kim Louise


  43. Zachary Beardface Rodgers

    Aha I see what you did there….

  44. Zachary Beardface Rodgers

    Aha I see what you did there….

  45. Mike Line

    Why is this not funded

  46. Robert Ashmore


  47. Alexandra Leah Johnson

    how lazy can we get…. -__- now we dont have to even get up off the sofa to open a beer or anything with a cap

  48. Brittany Daniel Mills


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