Samurai Sword Chopsticks

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Every samurai knows that you shouldn't fight on an empty stomach! These unique chopsticks are designed to look just like the sword of Sanada Yukimura, the famous samurai of the Sengoku Period Japan. Wield this deadly weapon and combat your hunger!



  1. Michelle Valle

    Enrique Rdz. Gza. me los regalas?

  2. Laura Bogart

    I wonder how well they'd work as hair sticks?

  3. Jennie Brockhurst

    yet another product that Abbie would love.

    • Abdullah Abualrub

      ya i dont know who abbie is. butt i would love it too haha lol

  4. Heather Sechtem Bachman


  5. Heather Sechtem Bachman

    Isaac Sechtem

  6. Isaac Sechtem

    Lol. Those are cool. I want samurai swords!

  7. Ashley Barnett

    John Thomas Barnett Jr.

  8. Vikki Shanks

    Hubby would LOVE these 🙂

  9. Sidney Levis

    i want these there awesome and i need a pare that i wont lose in the drawer

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