Russian Sculptor Uses Ancient Technique To Bring Rooms To Life With Beautiful Sculptures On The Walls

Ordinary, plain-looking walls are okay yet boring. That’s why we adorn our empty walls with decors such as pictures, paintings, mirrors, and many others. Adding some pops of color to the walls can certainly bring life to your room. But when it comes to bringing your walls to life, no one could do it better than Russian sculptor Goga Tandashvili. The creative artist creates impressionist-inspired bas-relief sculptures on walls to add a touch of sophistication to the room. Just take a look at his creation that features intricate peacocks. Tandashvili can magically transform any ordinary wall into a stunning work of art.

goga tandashvili bas-relief sculptures


impressionist style bas-relief sculptures

Aside from being a sculptor, Tandashvili is also a painter. Most of his paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature and impressionism art style.

goga tandashvili impressionist style painting

He later decided to bring his 2D paintings to life by transforming them into bas-relief sculptures. First, he draws the images on the walls. Then he fills them in with plaster to give the images a 3D rendering. He uses carving tools to shape the figures as he integrates them smoothly with the surrounding.

bas-relief sculpture plastering


bas-relief sculptures carving


bas-relief sculptures on walls

The glorious bas-relief sculptures are so elaborately crafted, making them look like a lavish masterpiece rather than a wall décor.

Impressionist-style bas-relief sculptures can turn any ordinary wall into an extraordinary work of art

goga tandashvili bas-relief sculpture walls


goga tandashvili bas-relief sculptures intricate design


bas-relief sculptures 3d rendering

Tandashvili has created several bas-relief sculptures including these lush florals and mirror frame.

bas-relief sculptures wall florals


bas-relief sculptures flowers


bas-relief sculptures details


goga tandashvili bas-relief sculptures mirror frame


Goga Tandashvili

The artist is offering workshops and masterclasses for interested artists who want to learn his bas-relief sculptures technique.

Source: Facebook | Goga Tandashvili