Knight Tissue Holder

Claim the throne as your own! This wall mounted knight is made with quality designer resin and is hand-painted to capture every amazing detail of his Medieval mannerisms.  This knight is at your service day and night.

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  1. Fanie Deschamps

    Really cool!!!

  2. Brett Chadwick Snr

    I want one where do I get it from.

  3. Jamie Wachowski

    Mike Luera I thought of the shops bathroom when I seen thsi.

  4. Helen Smith

    Would love to see the loo brush holder!

  5. Bobbie Jo Thomas

    for my PKMC friends.

  6. Tony Knight

    would love to purchase one or two.
    Tony Harmer-knight

  7. Franko Philly Rodriguez

    Very niiiice! I would defenitely put that next to my Throne/Toilet :))

  8. Dani Knight

    OMG….i need one or 2 of these.

    • Sean Bowman

      Oh Hell Nah!!! B)

    • Sean Bowman

      Oh Hell Nah!!! B)

    • Gloria Kontz

      Nice !!!!

  9. Dani Knight

    OMG….i need one or 2 of these.

  10. Annemiek Dik

    Very cool.

  11. Silvia Riga

    Nice IVANHOE… I think poop go better than! 😉

  12. Lynn Higgins

    Want one x

  13. Tabi Brooks Buttle

    Micheal Briggs something you'd like, I think.

  14. Noah Martineau

    Ruud Herrewijnen en Nienke Herrewijnen.

  15. Ginette Malone

    For the bathroom in the (Man Cave)!

  16. Olubusayo Ladelokun

    Damn sick.

  17. Allison Alyson

    Nice ;0)

  18. Victoria Garza

    I must have a collection of these… O – O.

  19. Paula McLachlan

    I want one!

  20. Kelli Honour

    I'll treat yer when I win the lotto tomora paula xx

  21. Tommy Seski

    "Want?" No. "Need?" Oh ya.

  22. Tommy Seski

    "Want?" No. "Need?" Oh ya.

  23. Natausha Lee Stevenson

    where can I get the paper?

  24. Diego Gómez López

    Marcel Sherlock Do'Urden Black jajajajjaja te limpiarías con esto? xD

  25. Marika Bertrand-Arsenault


  26. Nicole Diane Harmon

    Haha I was just asking myself this same question 🙂

  27. Heather Fish


  28. Heather Fish


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