Jenga Drinking Game

Now you can play Jenga with a fun twist, and this one's for adults only! This Jenga drinking game comes with 4 shot glasses and 60 bricks to build your tower. But 15 of those bricks have fun drinking instructions to make the game more interesting! Battle against your friends until the last man (or brick) is standing!

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  1. Elaine Todd


  2. Elaine Todd

    Sam Cksn Louise Lake

  3. Louise Lake

    Oh god

  4. Sam Cksn

    surely a goer

  5. Sam Cksn

    surely a goer

  6. Karin Reyes

    Patrick Hecox…I'm getting this!

  7. Patrick Hecox

    You better! You can practice until I return 🙂

  8. Adrianna Flores

    Look Valerie Flores

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