Snowball Slingshot

If your entering a snowball fight then you will want to have the upper hand! With this snowball slingshot everybody will know you mean business!

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  1. Jay O’Neill

    I want one!

  2. Shawn Alford

    I own 1

  3. Monica Mueller

    Okay, this is too cool!

  4. Richard King Simmons

    Amy Love this couldve came in handy 2 weeks ago lol.

  5. Ashley Paterson

    Wyatt James MacCormick.

  6. Marina Johnson-Rhoades

    Jason – we should get this and attack the child…

  7. Nate Schaefer

    I see a future christmas present coming my way

  8. Joe Shield

    Lol its comming up to winter so need one of these so cool

  9. Michael Wilkins

    I want

  10. Alex Schifino

    would it work with tennis balls.

  11. Brandon Bouc

    This is how you have fun in the snow. XD

  12. Whitney Howard

    i have this item, doesn't work at all

  13. Jami Steele

    does it actually work?

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