Lightsaber Chopsticks

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Let the force be with you while you eat! Show off your Star Wars fandom while eating! Its like combining your two favourite things!

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  1. Fiona Willis-Frome Doula


  2. Yes, we think we’re funny.

    Love it!

  3. Gary Tarter

    May to Lo Mein be with you.

  4. William Brown

    Janae Arnett

  5. Brandy Alley

    Chris MacIntosh

  6. Sarah Hall

    Jake would love these!

  7. Strapya World Fan Page

    We have an authentic range of Star Wars product on our website.. We are Japan's no.1 cell phone accessory company

  8. Megan Henrie

    Elizabeth Henrie-Jeffryes

    • Elizabeth Henrie-Jeffryes


  9. Lisa NoTree NoMe King

    Need these for sushi train Courtney

  10. Liese Verschueren

    Gwendolyn Verlee 😀 this is awesome!

  11. Noora Eveliina Latvala

    Isä osta mulle vaikkapa nimpparilahjaks! 🙂

  12. Manu Shelton

    my bra would love these.

  13. Chris Fanning

    Check this out Joli Crow!

  14. Chris Fanning

    Check this out Joli Crow!

    • Joli Crow

      Woah!!! I want some!!!!

    • Joli Crow

      Woah!!! I want some!!!!

  15. Lisa Weeks

    Purchase these I must!!

  16. Matt Thomas

    Andy Thomas I want these.

  17. Deborah King

    Jessica Ann Samuel Morales Danny NgRalph Louissaint Awesomeness! hahaha

  18. Kellie Nicol

    Cos that's….that is all

  19. Rob Brady

    I want!!!!

  20. Janine Stuart

    I know!

  21. Tabatha Harrell-Adams

    I want these!!!

  22. Zara Aleswoth


  23. ChefMikki Nimn

    I want!

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