Daddy Saddle


Perfect gift for kids, This soft, stuffed “saddle” straps onto your back. Complete with a soft saddle horn and adjustable stirrups. Easy to wash, 100% cotton.


  1. Marie Torgerson

    Lol I agree nothing to do with children ! Haha yea !!!! Ride em cowboy !

  2. Gav Boyce

    Ah, no thanks.

  3. Gav Boyce

    Ah, no thanks.

  4. Lene Sampson

    I told Dwight to.get this lol

  5. Amymarie Keyes

    Omg… My mind is running all over the place w this idea… And no… It has nothing to do w children… Well, ok, MAYBE children… But children as a "result of"….. Lolol

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