Daddy Saddle


Perfect gift for kids, This soft, stuffed “saddle” straps onto your back. Complete with a soft saddle horn and adjustable stirrups. Easy to wash, 100% cotton.


  1. Apahkawisi Ross

    Save a horse…ride a cowboy…chi…LOL… 😛

  2. Christopher Platta


  3. Kirsty Bochen

    Hahaha think I should get jenson one of these for his birthday! It'd suit simon! Lol

  4. Peter Thomas

    so worng

  5. Pinked Oioi Beckett


  6. Lynsey Wilson

    if Daddy won't buy a pony then I think he should get this!

  7. Marcie Goss

    need this for jesse.

  8. Sue Phyland

    Hahahahahaha…….your right they are awesome…lol

  9. Amanda Holleufer-Taylor

    A must have for all daddy's/horses.

  10. Vinod Varsani

    This is so freakin awesome. I want one.

  11. Jex Meow

    hahaha untuk Jack Dawson.

  12. Franki Williams

    Russell Deserio

    • Franki Williams

      Russell DeSerio Sell the buggy and get one of these! So much more energy efficient!!!

    • Russell DeSerio

      He already does it bare back

  13. Gemma Irwin


  14. Gemma Irwin


  15. Harley Randomhero Tightlips

    Just lol

    • Harley Randomhero Tightlips

      Ally Alexander

  16. Laiz Menani

    Van Hürtere to encomendando um pra vc usar! kkk

    • Van Hürtere

      Encomenda duas, uma fica em casa e outra na sua casa…..

  17. Manu Shelton

    daddy saddle lol.

  18. Jan Cornall

    MATTHEW , I Godda get you. One of these ! X

  19. Jan Cornall

    MATTHEW , I Godda get you. One of these ! X

    • Matt Cornall

      Oh God no lol

  20. Philippa Chalk

    Craig you are so getting this for Meredith, cheaper than a real horse and laughs a plenty x

  21. Kayleigh Louise New

    The best thing I've ever saw….. In stitches 🙂

  22. Megan Schukowsky

    How this has not taken off is just a wee bit dumbfounding

  23. Eric Wright

    new message can I get that before Father's Day

  24. Michelle Foreman Freed

    Wow that is too funny.

  25. Carly Barr

    Neil barr we need one of these!!!

  26. Toni Argyle

    Kenny Argyle….this is what I'm getting you for your birthday!!!

  27. Anne Clarkson

    Helen Davis