Innovative People Who Deserve The “Lifehacker Of The Year” Award

We always try to seek the easiest and simplest solutions in any problem. The world offers endless resources that we can use to our own advantage. It only takes a little bit of creativity and cleverness to utilize useful things around us. However, some people take their ingenuity to a whole new level. There is indeed a very thin line between ingenuity and ridiculousness. But as long as their solutions are effective, then they are worth the try. We have gathered photos of innovative people who found their own approach to life with their inventiveness.



This technique can buy you time to rush your homework in time.

The ‘no cash’ excuse is no longer an excuse.

There must be some logical explanation to this.

When you need a fork but you only have a spoon, you can use this hack with the help of toothpicks.

How to make it seem that you’re reading a proper book.

Give yourself a fake parking ticket to avoid getting a real one.

This is actually a clever way but we just hope the paper is strong enough not to break apart.

Do you think these innovations are genius or just plain ridiculous? Keep on reading for more life hacks from innovative people.


What’s the best answer for difficult question? Simply white it out.

Would like to buy a cheap yet reliable iPad?

We’ve found the best protection against onions.

Genius people obey no rule. That’s because they make their own rules.

People will do anything for a wi-fi access.

Matching type test question solved.

Misleading marketing is everywhere so you need to have a closer look at everything you see.

Use your laptop charger to heat up your snacks. Hot snacks anytime while at work.