Glowing Nail Polish

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Give your nails a sexy glow! Available in a variety colours.  The glow in the dark nail polish is perfect for black light parties!

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  1. Julie Stevens

    i want to buy some for our Relay For Life…

    • Michelle Mace

      Bj Bj Tanya Johnson

  2. Alexana Blott

    Sapphira Hill Jenna Clark 😀

  3. Alexana Blott

    Sapphira Hill Jenna Clark 😀

  4. Claire Carey

    where can I get this?
    I want it!

  5. Amy Maureen Sakowski

    Amy Maureen Sakowski.

  6. Елена Зареска


  7. Michelle Jordan


  8. Angel Chatita Urbina

    Gonna order this polish 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Does any body know if this really works and if it does, where to get them that are not for UV lights?

    • Heather Marie Mace

      Hot Topic has them. i got a bottle there.

    • Steve Stewart

      does it work?

  10. Virginia Rabitoy

    how do I buy these items?

    • Ffion Sims

      you click on more info the at the side u can see add to basket try that

  11. Jessie Isobell Tapp

    Maz Gilchrist 🙂

  12. Anouk de Bloois

    Only works when you hold it under a black light / UV light.

  13. Erika Leboeuf

    WOW Cooooool 😀

  14. Girls Rules

    Nice 😀

  15. Yaya Ietam

    I want it

  16. Sarah Hall

    Birthday idea!

  17. Sarah Hall

    Birthday idea!

  18. Christine Josey


  19. Misty Rose Peffers

    I love it.

  20. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  21. Kevin Anthoney Michael Taylor

    Alexanderia Taylor!

    • Alexanderia Taylor

      kevin… i already have six nail polishes that glow in the dark…

    • Kevin Anthoney Michael Taylor

      I know

    • Kevin Anthoney Michael Taylor

  22. Kevin Anthoney Michael Taylor

    Alexanderia Taylor!

  23. Kendal Rogers

    I haven't been able to find a nail polish that actually glows in the dark, instead of black light. Anyone know one that actually does?

    • Shayla Threat

      bornprettystore has awesome glow in the dark polishes. Ive had this polish on for 2 weeks and its still working. Just "charge" it under a lamp for about a minute. Good luck!

  24. Owen Jeal


  25. Cymia Telleria

    Cute gonna get it in orange

  26. Peta Madden

    Does it really GLOW in the Dark? or is it just UV? it says it glows under black light but that doesn't mean it actually GLOWS in the Dark!

  27. Natasha Isaac

    Glow stick crack open n pour in a bottle of clear nail polish n voila!

  28. Carlee Beetham


  29. Lindsey Buxton

    I want x.

  30. Joanne Maron Daniell

    I want one.

  31. Chi-Chi Soto

    And yes it really works !!

  32. Kimberley Hardaker

    Is this only for uv lights?

  33. Donna Juba

    both myself and my daughter love this where can we get this and does it come in other colors too.

  34. Leah Mcmurtrie Looker

    Sandie kracke thought of u straight away

  35. Nicci Parkinson

    It says £1.59 .. how do I buy it ? …. I looked in more info an its 4rm Amazon an 3Xs more expensive !…. So how do I get it 4 £1.59 …. Or is it false advertisin 🙂

  36. Nicci Parkinson

    An on Amazon its a UV polish ….. Not glow in the dark !….

  37. Lill DaChill

    I need this 😐

  38. Lill DaChill

    I need this 😐

  39. Andrea Forero

    Andrea Lizarazo Esther Benitez Martinez.

  40. Laura ‘andbaby’ Clark

    it says £1.59, when click on 'more info' it takes me to Amazon who are charging nearly £5! and its just UV not glow in the dark :/

  41. Sheila Owens

    Love it

  42. Sheila Owens

    Love it

  43. Tiffany Wiltermood

    I want a bottle!

  44. Jade ᎵᎡᎥᏁᏟᎬᎴᎴ Ahernn ʚϊɞ

    I wont 1 if it works

  45. Kerry Young


  46. Jessie Harvey

    Does it glow in the dark

  47. Phrankie Waters


  48. Tamicka Hart


  49. Roxii May Norris Akehurst

    can you order from here?

  50. Vicky Llamoja

    Sheila :)Checa

  51. Chelsea Nicole Durfee

    I want this!

  52. Kiesha-Marie Jude

    it works.. but it glows a greenish colour instead and you have to put thicker layers to actually see it i the light

  53. June Elise Karlsen

    I want this

  54. Christina Estabrooks

    I want this! in every shade they have :O

  55. Lance Smith

    I've worn that before x3

  56. Shannon Bruder

    how do u buy it?

  57. Abe Dankiest

    Eden Gonzalez This is totally you! Oooa Ooa!

  58. Jose Romero

    Would you try this Michelle Lazcano.

  59. Michelle Lazcano

    yup yup

  60. Lilian Hensen Dillon

    Natural nail whitener glows in black light. Can buy it everywhere…

  61. Lizzie Poole

    Vikki Poolefor SGP next year or Croatia.

  62. Shelly Mitchell Daughtrey

    Ashley Harmon this is cool

  63. Shelly Mitchell Daughtrey

    Ashley Gore Harmon

  64. Ashley Gore Harmon

    Ewwww … That is cool! I want some for myself, lol. 🙂

  65. Lettie Shannon

    I need this

  66. Loni Doro

    Trisha Roberson

  67. Trisha Roberson

    Uhhhhh! Want! Right meow!

  68. Robert Rakija Islamov

    Irina Solo

  69. Robert Rakija Islamov

    Irina Solo

  70. Irina Solo

    lol Rob <3

  71. Irina Solo

    lol Rob <3

  72. Sabrina Jablecki

    I want it!!!!

  73. Ewa Krasow

    I sure hope this won't kill my nails…

  74. Aaliyah Ridings Dickinson

    This is so cool <3

  75. Lucy Maguire

    It doesn't work! I bought two bottles off here!

  76. Eunice Kan Weng Yan


  77. Mina Duarte

    So cool i want it good price to ;);):)

  78. Michelle Tillis

    Jacelyn Charriez

  79. Denise Crew

    Deborah Zeidan

  80. Jada Mercer

    Lance Smith what if your bad at doing nail polish and u get it on your fingers with your fingers glow too loolololol

  81. Jada Mercer

    Lance Smith what if your bad at doing nail polish and u get it on your fingers with your fingers glow too loolololol

  82. Abigail Jones

    how can i order this

  83. Kirstie McCallum

    Go on Amazon type In uv nail varnish, you can get it for £5

  84. Jessica Pollard

    i seriously love this finger nail polish! LOOKS PRETTY AMAZING! 😀 😉 🙂 love the color too! 😉

  85. Christina Renee

    Oh my gosh..I saw this and instantly had to view the site..I love it..I'm so gonna order me a bottle:)

  86. Pam K Hubbert

    How do I order

  87. Naomi Lee

    Is there more colours please??

  88. Nadia Ninemi Ramirez Sanchez

    Cool I need one of those

  89. Nadia Ninemi Ramirez Sanchez

    Cool. I need one of those

  90. Maria Gonzalez

    I want one 🙁

  91. Danielle Marie Adler


  92. Paddy Whipcreampourinlikewaterfalls Leitsch

    How come the "more info" links on this site NEVER work?

  93. Kelsey Louise

    Get more colours!!

  94. Lexi Anderson

    click more info, and it will take u to Amazon. There, you can choose your color and purchase it.

  95. Tamikah Bmth Ballhause

    can I get these with Paypal? and delivered to Australia?

  96. Leah Oneill

    ive got one not that good but it is nice

  97. Ella Thomas-Spall

    Does the polish really glow? Does the blue colour also look like the photo?

  98. Sue Elmer

    Heather Tucker. This is totally you!

  99. Yvonne Ornelas

    This could be fun!

  100. Cassandra Mae Jerzak

    I got it at dollar tree but I have the orange color

  101. Cassandra Mae Jerzak

    I got it at dollar tree but I have the orange color

  102. Sam Rollins

    It works…It goes to Amazon o.O Also, the reviews are HORRIBLE!!!

  103. Paddy Whipcreampourinlikewaterfalls Leitsch

    Sam Rollins Thanks, but it always goes to "problem loading page" for me. Tried it with 2 different browsers. Oh well. If the reviews are bad, it wasn't worth it anyway.

  104. Sarai Crystal

    So this only Works under UV light?

  105. Destinee Higgins

    do theese really work like all the time? or only in a certain light??

  106. Shannon Delisia Ann Davy


  107. Shannon Delisia Ann Davy


  108. Maryjayne K Murphy


  109. Rhandi Blair

    That's awesome

  110. Bre Limage

    Thay crap is horrible. Dont waste your money

  111. Kristine Anne Riosa

    how can u buy it???????/?????

  112. Yachna Khurana

    how come i get this in india ??

  113. Mona A. Hiyari

    Abdulhameed Al Saadi !!!! i am getting addicted on this website -_-

  114. Mona A. Hiyari

    Abdulhameed Al Saadi !!!! i am getting addicted on this website -_-

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