10 Adorable Tattoos All Cats Lovers Will Envy

Some of you reading this may not be aware that the art of tattooing is very much frowned upon in South Korea. By law, only medical practitioners are allowed to ink people. However, this hasn’t stopped certain enthusiasts. One such parlor ‘Sol Tattoo’, located in Seoul, specializes in providing super adorable, and professionally carried out, feline tattoos.

Here we have 10 examples of Sol Tattoo’s work, which is admired by people all around the world who would love to be able to get a tattoo done at the parlor.

Such a simple yet unique design!

The detailing on this is amazing!

It’s incredible that such a small tattoo can be so perfectly detailed!

Aww, what a lovely tribute!

We wish we had cats as adorable as these two.

Friends for life, etched side by side.

What a cute coat this cat has!

‘Peek a boo! I’m watching you!’

This girl can now forever know that her cat is by her side!

Despite missing a body, we think this cat is still super cute.

Source: Facebook