Dog Peek Window

Let your dog have a point of view with this Dog Peek Window! Dogs are naturally curious animals so don't let your pouch feel left out. These petpeek windows come with everything you need to install,  You'd be ''barking'' mad not to get one!

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  1. Jon Austin

    let again not available in the uk.

    • Vicki Clements

      hi same thing in australia but try this purchase the lid bit of a solar light dome the bit that sits on the roof they have a extra bit around the edge (flashing trap the flashing in between 2 bit of marine plt cut hole in fence to cater for ply works pretty good or just use perspect window. very annoying when you see something and cant get it good luck

  2. Jessie D Martinez

    is this real life?

  3. Charlene Orourke

    want one these.

  4. Charlene Orourke

    want one these.

  5. Jue Jue Drops Wareham


  6. DanielSan Brown

    I can't believe nobody finds this highly amusing except me.

  7. DanielSan Brown

    'Let your dog have a point of view' hahahahahahah!

  8. Erica Garner

    Omg this is hysterical..

  9. Erica Garner

    Omg this is hysterical..

    • Erica Garner

      Tracy Tucker Vergollo Can see Jeter liking this lmao

    • Erica Garner

      Tracy Tucker Vergollo Can see Jeter liking this lmao

    • Erica Garner

      Lmao I love him

  10. Tracy Tucker Vergollo

    Why does he need a window when he can just jump the fence?!?! He is the entertainment on Shelby street AND doggy daycare AND dog park!!!!

  11. Tracey McGarry

    I actually think its hilarious lmao

  12. Doreen Frascino Kimmel

    How cute

  13. Steph McCumber

    So funny! And I want some!

  14. Brenda Holmes

    Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when the old faker is poking his head out of the window at Dorothy and company.

  15. Andrew Gordon

    You can get them on ebay UK JON

  16. Linda Layton


  17. Leslie Hunt

    Hahah! Phillie would LoVe this.. he'd be able to see all the soccer players way easier!! =P

  18. Jennifer Fort

    Lmmfao….flippin retarded

  19. Sarah Hutt

    Love it

  20. Beth Laverton

    but u would have to cut a hole in ur fence to install it

  21. Tj Holloway-Anderson


  22. Dave Hill

    This has got to be one of the most useless gadgets I've ever seen. Why ??? Just Why ???

  23. CassieWho CassieSue

    "Excuse me sir… your dog is four inches over your property line"

  24. Samatha Lee

    holy crap its a port hole for the wife ..lolol that way she can spy on you while your in your man cave lolol ……

  25. Lindsey Deere

    My dog would have loved this!

  26. Jill Watterson

    Our dog would love this, can I order it, only we will in the U.K.

  27. Kay Zampolli

    Hahahaha non ci credo

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