Beer Box Hat

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Re-defining beer fashion. Fun, hilarious, and oh-so-good looking. Crafted from an 18-bottle case of Miller Lite beer. Officially licensed; one size fits all. Available in all the major beer brands, from Coors to Miller Lite.

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  1. Afton Bell

    Best cowboy hat I've ever seen!

  2. Marwan Green

    @MichaelSigler. Perfect for Sundays

    • Marwan Green

      Michael Sigler, this is for you.

    • Michael Sigler

      What are friends for!!!!???? Love it

  3. Sara Mackenzie

    For you…

  4. Veronica Fellows

    Cheryl Monroe

  5. Val Lee

    here ya go all you miller light cowboys!

  6. Florence Burton

    I need this for the po-dunk-hillbilly-redneck party I'm goin to!

  7. Kailee Ferguson

    Kari Hager Patterson Found Bubba, Matt and Jason's hat.

  8. Candace McEndree

    Think I know someone this hat was made for! 😉

  9. Deborah King

    James King Joe King I wouldn't be surprised if ya'll bought these hahahaha.

  10. Red Neck Beer Hats

    check out all the beer hats at

  11. Darlene Speer

    Check out the beer hat gary

  12. Brenda Miller


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