BBQ Grill Light & Fan

Why let the fun stop because the suns gone down? Use this BBQ grill light and fan to keep the food coming! Featuring a strong LED light so you can see what your doing and a fan to pull the smoke away from your eyes.

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  1. Coral Lawlor

    200000 days later 'foods ready kids'.

  2. Joe Rhythmic Bliss Mills


  3. Ashley Corner

    Bigmike Mrtwobig Valarie Corner Burnett found this, thought you guys might want to buy it. all seriousness though.

  4. Seany Dolan

    You… You are really stupid…

  5. Anastasha Bryant

    Devon Andrew Carter

  6. Devon Andrew Carter


  7. Scott Lawson

    I want one !!

  8. Michelle Devorak

    Hers a good idea for you Daddy!! (Frank Devorak)

  9. Kay Kay

    Like this

  10. Kay Kay

    Like this

  11. Anna Ray

    oh my ..i can buy for my aunty in Australia …cool night BBQ hahaha

  12. Ashlie Nicole

    How do you order it?

  13. Carita Watch

    You click on more info and itl take u to Amazon, then u press buy, and u get it cheaper that way!!

  14. Erica Angel Perkins

    This is so cool.

  15. William D Woodrow

    My birthday is coming lol

  16. Juan Jose Garro

    vea Ana Isabel Sáenz Torres

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