Cyclone Cocktail Mixer


Stop settling for poorly made drinks – now you can blend your favourite cocktail or mixed drink with a fun to watch mini cyclone. These see through cyclone cocktail mixer are an easy to use drink shaker that use AAA batteries.


  1. Scott Hansen

    Mixin it up in the 21st'.

  2. Anne Sak

    Go with the table 🙂

  3. Raymond Wong Wen Bin

    Agent 007 would not like it. – He said Martini should be shaken Not Stirred. If he had wanted it stirred he would have dump it into a blender!

    • Timmy Rosén

      Are you retarded?

    • Ola Gardiner

      than it would be called blended drink

  4. Chanda Jaleese

    DOPE AF! I WANT! 🙂

  5. Akasha La’More

    Jarmara Massenburg and Cj Hasberry-Myers this is all us.

  6. Nathan Smyth


  7. Seyhan Doesntkillumakesustronger Cheesychips Db

    fit as l.ool.

  8. Theresa Roschelle Stotko Martinez

    I like this ;).

  9. Amberly Dawn Pennell

    want this!~

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