Cyclone Cocktail Mixer

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Stop settling for poorly made drinks – now you can blend your favourite cocktail or mixed drink with a fun to watch mini cyclone. These see through cyclone cocktail mixer are an easy to use drink shaker that use AAA batteries.

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  1. Scott Hansen

    Mixin it up in the 21st'.

  2. Anne Sak

    Go with the table 🙂

  3. Raymond Wong Wen Bin

    Agent 007 would not like it. – He said Martini should be shaken Not Stirred. If he had wanted it stirred he would have dump it into a blender!

    • Timmy Rosén

      Are you retarded?

    • Ola Gardiner

      than it would be called blended drink

  4. Chanda Jaleese

    DOPE AF! I WANT! 🙂

  5. Akasha La’More

    Jarmara Massenburg and Cj Hasberry-Myers this is all us.

  6. Nathan Smyth


  7. Seyhan Doesntkillumakesustronger Cheesychips Db

    fit as l.ool.

  8. Theresa Roschelle Stotko Martinez

    I like this ;).

  9. Amberly Dawn Pennell

    want this!~

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