Backyard Theatre System

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

No need to spend your hard earned cash at the cinema, now you can spend your hard earned cash on this backyard theatre system! Great for gatherings, this 16′ x 9′ inflatable outdoor movie screen turns your backyard into a drive-in movie.

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  1. Amy Fields Harness

    this would be fun!

  2. Mikki Ringer

    Yes please! Now where can I find this money….and a climate I can use it in

  3. Roberto Contreras


  4. Chanelle Last


  5. Scott Soley

    This would be awesome if boys visit & summer picnics.

  6. Andrew Owen

    How cool is this!

  7. Amanda Gallagher

    Def want this but probs also unavailable

  8. Anthony Williams

    Totally not worth 4 grand. Get an HD projector for about 1.5 to 2 grand, and you can build a collapsible screen for under a hundred dollars, using a wooden frame with hinges and slide locks, and a white bed sheet.

    • Anthony Williams

      or 2 sheets, or 4 sheets, however big you want to make it.

    • Brendan Russell

      u clearly have no clue u can get really good hd projectors for less the a grand 300 bucks even

    • DelTonya McBride

      Dude seriously you can get all this stuff off amazon for about $350. Epson HD projector $250, projector screen $35, replacement bulb $65.

  9. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  10. Joshua Cyrus

    Projectors cost more like 300-800 dollars and all u really need is ur house or bedroom wall or living room wall or car hood

  11. Patric Seim

    Ole kommt ins Wohnzimmer

    • Guru Orakle

      get a projector and u save lots of money

  12. Michael Harding

    I would love this for my back garden….

    • Ken Bouchard

      Just pit into a Plexiglass or glass case, but put ventilation and fans in it to avoid overheating. Then get a HD rabbit to feed signal from your DVR/Dish reciever to the projector. Mount it outside on a sturdy pole or to your house would be better. Got to put a filter and fan to keep bugs out if your in a climate where bugs exist. If it were me I would purchase a nice big screen house and put a sheet on one side of the screen house. Instant outdoor theater, just build a frame out of PVC flex tube plumbing (pipes) and attach the sheet to the pipes and stretch and screw together to make a portable even folding screen. A white tarp would be even better. Then just hang the screen in the screen house. Mount projector on a pole or hang it from screenhouse. Bet the whole project under 800.

  13. Dawn Shortcake

    I want one!!!!!!

  14. Dawn Shortcake

    I want one!!!!!!

    • Susan Courtney

      I agree 😉

  15. Manu Shelton

    summer time party.

  16. Elizabeth Elliott

    I want!!!!!

  17. De Paus Van Heist

    ripoff, got a hd projector for about 350 euros, LED projector very nice. About 3 meters wide screen made with some glassfibre paper bought very cheap at local gamma shop. But with this you have yourself a inflatable screen you wont be able to make yourself , waaaaaw for only 3000-3500 dollar, LOLOLOL.

    • Keth Krause

      put a white sheet over a air mattress theres your inflatable screen for 50 dollars at most lol

  18. Lisa Logan


  19. Michael Black

    Anyone interested in this but doesn't want to pay $4k? Call Mobile Movies! I can provide the full set-up and take-down with all electronic equipment included at any location you wish for a mere $100. Please call (805) – 823 – 3743.

  20. Lee-Ann Hall

    I need one of these NOW

  21. Lee-Ann Hall

    I need one of these NOW

  22. Ray Enderby

    I would love one of these but not at that price

  23. Ian Corbett

    Give ya 300

  24. Ceci King


  25. Peter Richards

    white polypipe frame with a good quality white tarp makes an excellent screen.

  26. Rusty Woodhams

    Brendan Russell yeah and its ebay i got mine of there for 400 and its full hd and 3d even came with a spare globe and hdmi cable

  27. Nigel John Harrison

    One for my son….. Start saving now…

  28. Claire Tamoe

    Alison Dowey look what ive found lmao.

  29. Bill Sharpe

    I work on a holiday park we use these outdoor cinema take a bit of effort setting up you will need a pa system powered) and a projector obviously but surprisingly I can manage to put this tthing away in the bag on my own they are pretty amazing and low maintenance never had a tear or any issues over 3 years very well made

  30. Dee Ryan

    Best homemade big movie screen ever….. A plastic tarp with the silver side out….. I promise you, it works great – we string ours up under the football goal post at our park – Movies at the Park – every Sat. night!!

  31. Jack Morgan

    3 nails and a bed sheet on the side of the house.10 bucks


    Amazing !!!

  33. Kim Louise

    Ummmmm – eBay is cheaper!!

  34. Peter Webb

    lol not cheap hey, kogan have a set up going for a $1000, tho u still cant watch it during the day

  35. Peter Webb

    lol not cheap hey, kogan have a set up going for a $1000, tho u still cant watch it during the day

  36. Kim Louise

    Would be good if you could find a way to darken your backyard.. Haha

  37. Ashleigh Dalton

    They sell blow up screens for 150 dollars. Eff 4 grand

  38. Nickelodeond Nickstar Deluca

    DelTonya McBride But then you have to deal with the audio!!!

  39. Anthony Williams

    Everyone that's saying you can get a "good HD projector for 300 bucks". is insane. I just typed the phrase "Epson HD projector" into, and the only thing near 300 bucks was an SD projector for 395. There are 2 720p projectors for 595, and the rest are all 900+. You CANNOT get a good HD projector, NEW, for under 600 bucks. Brendan, I'm not sure why you'd say that I "clearly have no clue what I'm talking about", because everything I said in my original comment is true. You can easily find an HD projector for 1.5 – 2 grand, and you can build a collapsible screen for under 100 dollars, using the method i explained previously. Silly people trying to start arguments online. lol

  40. Liz Mackie

    Now that with the epic bar shed would be spot on !!

  41. Janice Miller

    Want one, great idea….drive in movies!!!

  42. Patryk Wójcik

    me too !

  43. Dean Orange


  44. Dean Orange


  45. Khyah Fields

    what if it rains or snows……..

  46. Sally-Anne Johnson

    Thomas Kent Michelle Kent

  47. Sinha Empire

    It comes with a Sanyo projector. No thanks!

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