Word Has It M&Ms Hot Cocoa Flavor Is Back For The Holidays

Target has recently stated the great news that M&Ms Hot Cocoa flavor is making a comeback this year. During the Target Holiday Press Preview in New York City on Oct. 24, the giant retail company unveiled all the upcoming goodies for the holiday season. One of which is the returning Cocoa flavor which debuted exclusively at Target stores last year. So, if you missed your chance last year, now is the perfect time to go for it. The winter-inspired M&Ms flavor will be hitting shelves before the Halloween season so keep your eyes peeled for these treats on Target shelves.





This Target-exclusive flavor features milk chocolate with white chocolate and a marshmallow flavored center. The flavor is very reminiscent of the 2015 M&Ms Hot Chocolate that featured dark chocolate candies with artificial hot cocoa flavor.

But this time, the white chocolate and marshmallow crème mellows the flavor to something less artificial and slightly sweeter. Every bite of these candies gives you a sip of our favorite traditional hot cocoa drink. You can watch the snow fall while you indulge in some delicious chocolate candies.






M&Ms Hot Cocoa has milk chocolate with white chocolate and marshmallow creme center


The hot cocoa-flavored candies come in 8oz pack and will only be available on Target stores for a limited time only. It would be a great addition to the Halloween-inspired M&Ms flavors such as the Ghoul’s Mix and the Crispy Cocoa Crisp. Furthermore, Target announced that they will not be releasing another exclusive M&Ms flavor for this year’s Christmas season. So, who’s ready to race to the nearest Target store with us?