Baby Dumbell Rattle

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Turn your baby into a bench pressin body builder today! Your little ones curiosity by the rattle will soon have them doing 3 sets of 10!



  1. Mikki Ringer

    I can see James giving this to our children lol

  2. Vaughan Owens

    Beau Scott when your a dad.

  3. Vikki Forbes

    must buy these for Shane.

  4. Kameron King


  5. Priscilla Bernal

    Too cute

    • Priscilla Bernal

      Jessica Lee You need this for your lil diva princess

  6. LeeAnna Paragin Silva

    I want to get this for Lamb Thompson's baby.

  7. Angie Curl Headley

    Thought of you Amber

  8. Phillip Stevens

    david craddock you need this.

    • Dai Craddock

      That is awesome !

    • Dai Craddock

      That is awesome !

  9. David Oquendo

    Vicki Fernandez you should get this for Victor.

  10. Carren Barnes

    Here you go Seth, now Kaydence can have her own set.

    • Carren Barnes

      Seth Dunn check these out!

  11. Ashley Gentry

    Russell Gentry Need.

  12. Jonathan Ward

    Neil Fox You so need this!

  13. Jordan Saxon

    Dannii Saxon WE got to get georgia this!

  14. Delanie Dugan

    That got re-called on the Today Show

  15. Denise Cottrell

    Barbi Hesterman

    • Denise Cottrell

      Barbi Hesterman

  16. Tammie Thomas Thompson


  17. Mariah Medlin Delgado

    Jeffrey Bennett Culp it's perfect for your little baby haha.

  18. Brittney Bushre

    Rob Fries Nate Michael This is totally you guys for sure!!

  19. Pamela Ellen

    Sadly this is why it got recalled 🙁


  20. Jan Robinson

    Where can these be purchased?

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