Alcohol is a Solution T-Shirt

For years the world has been fooled into thinking alcohol is not the solution when really, according to chemistry, it actually is! And who’s going to question science?! This alcohol is a solution t-shirt makes a great gift for the occasional drinker! (drink responsibly)



  1. Christina Houser

    This is still wrong. Alcohol is not a solution, it is a solvent.

  2. Edwin Engram

    Its a solvent to be more accurate

  3. Bev Lowton

    I agree

  4. Bev Lowton

    I agree

  5. Iain Bogie

    I like that 🙂

  6. Griffin Graffix

    Ha! I knew it!! lol

  7. Grungepup Jeff

    Alcohol is not a solution, literally. however, once mixed with something else, lets say, ice, it is then a solution

  8. Richard O’Connor

    More correctly: Alcohol is not in and of itself a solution, but Scotch, Bourbon, Gin, Vodka, etc. ARE solutions as there is more than just alcohol in them.

  9. Serina Bourne

    Does that mean its gonna dissolve the problem…. solution, solvent, either way suits me

  10. Susan Jackson

    Actually… Alcohol is a solution and also a solvent. Furthermore, at stp, the purest alcohol you can get is only 92 percent, so it will always be a solution.

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