Women Who Know That Their Husbands Are Secretly Gay

We all know that not all marriages involve two people being in love and happy. Unfortunately, there are many people that deserve more than they are currently getting. Here we have a list of women who know that their husbands are secretly gay. It’s interesting to read about the different feelings involved and seeing how each woman handles her situation. Take a look and see what you would do in these tricky positions…
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What about yourself being free? 

Suspicions and facts are two different things. Knowing for sure is going to hurt. 

Why does he want to stay with you? Why would you want to stay with him? Ask yourself and each other these questions then discuss and work through the answers. 

This was a bold choice to make, especially at such a young age. 

Is this a good idea? Wouldn’t you prefer to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you just because you can provide babies?

Staying for the sake of the kids usually never ends well or lasts. 

This must be a heavy burden to bear. 

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Why not just go your separate ways?

No one deserves to be used. This doesn’t feel like a happy situation to be in at all. 

Why sit by and wait for him to take the plunge? It’s nice you are being supportive but hanging around waiting seems like a waste of time to us. What about your happiness?

It can be a hard thing for people to admit.

It’s scary but you have to face up to things and ask him the dreaded question. You deserve the truth. 

You don’t have to be a couple for him to have a relationship with his kids. You don’t have to put up with cheating. 

A bit awkward? We’d like to hear more about how this couple makes things work…