Advanced Rubik’s Cube

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If you have repeatedly mastered the classic cube then it's time to try the advanced Rubik's cube! A great way to test your skills and patience!



  1. David Paul Murray

    Chad Hunkler

  2. Davin Gaddy

    I really don't need something else to throw against the wall. #angermanagement

  3. Mike Lamacq

    advanced rubiks cube? really? bitch thats a megaminx

  4. Antonie Paterakis

    wrm bitch?

  5. Antonie Paterakis

    wrm bitch?

  6. Antonie Paterakis

    dude hoe zou jij dit noemen dan als je het voor de eerste keer zag?

  7. Mike Lamacq

    Antonie Paterakis daarom

  8. Antonie Paterakis

    dit is eerlijk gezegt het domste argument dat ik ooit heb gezien

  9. Antonie Paterakis

    lekkere reden hoor…

  10. Antonie Paterakis

    je wou haar volgensmij gwn bitch noeme

  11. Manu Vereecken


  12. Perla Jiménez

    I don't even can with the normal one…

  13. Diego De Leon

    You can find this for 8 dollars anywhere else… It a lot like the 3×3. Only the last 2 steps are different

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