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Handtrux Backhoe


Handtrux when you’re ready to play dirty! This amazing handroaulic power grip is a fun backhoe for dirt or sand. Just insert you hand in the sleeve, grab the lever inside the bucket and start digging! Created and made in America. For ages 5+.


  1. Darren Mooney


  2. Julie ‘Kilbride’ Johnson

    Brian Johnson Sr. these will make your job so much more fun 😀

  3. Sarah Stehling-Romig

    Ivo Romig

  4. Hay-lee Dubya-ess

    Very friggin cool 😀

  5. Kevin Chan

    Ryan Harris

  6. Lee Drewitt


  7. Beverly Miller

    how do u order things on here.

    • Elisabeth Komae Li

      http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002Y2MEYC/?tag=691-20 just click on the "more info" and the site sends you to the true website seller. They probably get small amounts of money here for all the click-throughs

    • Justin Kaine

      hit "more info " smarty pantz

  8. Billy Buff Kenmure


  9. Niki Hayles

    Rebecca N Troy Andrich….Brandon would LOVE these! So cool!

  10. Leonard Henry

    might be cool for gardening.

  11. Garry Cook

    Want these

  12. Garry Cook

    Want these

  13. Barbara Vogh

    Ashley I so see Kit using this.

  14. Charles Muszall

    I think I found Ethyn's next toy!

  15. Tom Wedge


  16. Tracey Rushton


  17. Sana Rehman

    Plz do let me know how 2 purchase or where can I get it?

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