Handtrux Backhoe

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Handtrux when you’re ready to play dirty! This amazing handroaulic power grip is a fun backhoe for dirt or sand. Just insert you hand in the sleeve, grab the lever inside the bucket and start digging! Created and made in America. For ages 5+.

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  1. Darren Mooney


  2. Julie ‘Kilbride’ Johnson

    Brian Johnson Sr. these will make your job so much more fun 😀

  3. Sarah Stehling-Romig

    Ivo Romig

  4. Hay-lee Dubya-ess

    Very friggin cool 😀

  5. Kevin Chan

    Ryan Harris

  6. Lee Drewitt


  7. Beverly Miller

    how do u order things on here.

    • Elisabeth Komae Li just click on the "more info" and the site sends you to the true website seller. They probably get small amounts of money here for all the click-throughs

    • Justin Kaine

      hit "more info " smarty pantz

  8. Billy Buff Kenmure


  9. Niki Hayles

    Rebecca N Troy Andrich….Brandon would LOVE these! So cool!

  10. Leonard Henry

    might be cool for gardening.

  11. Garry Cook

    Want these

  12. Garry Cook

    Want these

  13. Barbara Vogh

    Ashley I so see Kit using this.

  14. Charles Muszall

    I think I found Ethyn's next toy!

  15. Tom Wedge


  16. Tracey Rushton


  17. Sana Rehman

    Plz do let me know how 2 purchase or where can I get it?

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