Cat Owners Explain How Cat Body Language Is Different From Dogs

Aloof, uncaring, and downright evil –  we’ve been hearing about these cat stereotypes a lot. But are they really? Tumblr user Rabbit In Headlights posted a detailed explanation about cat body language to debunk all these misconceptions about felines. While it can be fun to play along with the myth that cats are just plain evil, it’s also fair to give our feline friends the benefit of the doubt. In order to do this, we need to understand feline behaviors and why they act strange sometimes.

Now, it all depends on one’s perspective about a cat’s behavior. For a cat person, the unusual personalities of their cats are what makes them cats. And it’s something they can’t change. For most cat owners, attempting to alter their instinctual behaviors is like stripping them off of their innate nature. Now, a dog person’s perspective of the behavioral traits of cats would be entirely different. When it comes to personalities and temperaments, cats and dogs are indeed poles apart. And many people tend to compare these differences, which would later lead to a conclusion that cats can never be as ‘good’ as dogs as a pet.

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This Cat Owners Posted A Detailed Explanation Of Cat Body Language And What They Mean

cat body language explained

Tumblr user Rabbit In Headlights believed that the reason why cats are deemed evil is because many people are misunderstanding cat body language. Furthermore, he dissented the idea of comparing cats and dogs because they are two different species. To label felines as disdainful creatures, just because they’re not as affectionate and loyal as dogs, is outright unfair. On this Tumblr post, the user listed down some of the not-so-nice behaviors of cats, what most people think these behaviors mean, and what they actually mean.

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cat body language explanation


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To wrap it all up, cats and dogs have their own different ways of expressing their love and affection to their humans. And comparing them is just pointless because they have their own unique personalities. You can’t expect cats to act like dogs or vice versa. While it’s impossible to erase the widespread notion that cats are inherently manipulative and mean, allowing people to understand cat body language might change the way they look at them. True enough, soon after Rabbit In Headlights published his post on Tumblr, people started to like and reblog the post.


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