41 Seemingly Crazy Ideas That Actually Turned Out To Be Life Hacks

When you have a problem, there’s not always an obvious, or easy, solution. So, sometimes in these situations, you have no choice but to get inventive. With some creativity and a little ingenuity, you’ll be surprised what people can come up with. Often, it’s the craziest-sounding ideas that end up actually working the best! Like the seemingly wacky, yet, hilarious ideas pictured below! Some are genius and some are pure junk but all worth a look! Take a look!

How to adapt your bike into something that can tackle snow…

Pretty darn clever…

boot pipe repair


To ensure your toilet brush is doing its job, boost its cleaning strength like so…

drill toilet brush


Not the most effective form of protection but better than nothing!

padlock on car


This was a match that was meant to be…

pedal door handle


A simple set up for some hands free entertainment! 



‘No one will notice a thing…’



Way too much effort went into this…



That bag isn’t smoothed out enough for our liking…



We can’t make up our minds on how we feel about this one…



Need to wear a pair of shoes that are too big? Wack in some sanitary pads! 

Just moved home and need a makeshift bin? Here’s a great idea!

Is your wiper blade in need of replacing? Why not save yourself some money and see if this works?

This person has protection from other cars bumping into them, and, plenty of spare tires in the event of a puncture! 

Wing mirrors are vital for driving safely. If yours breaks unexpectedly, temporarily use a CD! 

Some of these ideas and inventions are definitely on the wackier side of the spectrum but we really admire certain people’s creativity! These images not only show how you can make the best out of a bad situation, but they also show numerous ways of improving the functionality of existing ideas. We will be mentally storing these solutions and suggestions for the future. In our eyes anything that can make our lives easier is a positive! Keep going to see even more! 

A fork works well for broken car handles… 

If you somehow you managed to break the handle off of your favorite pan, don’t throw it away! Use a pair or pliers like below! 

Sponges are soft on the ears and let the sound travel through!

Desperately need something to protect your feet but don’t have any shoes around? Use two water bottles! 

No sink? No problem!

Keep going to see more crazy ideas that turned out to be life hacks