The Four New Candle Scents By Bath & Body Works Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, you’re probably in the middle of planning the perfect staycation date with your special someone. After all, going out to celebrate Valentine’s Day is still discouraged. So if you’re currently planning to transform a specific room in your home into a romantic venue, you can never go wrong with the classic roses and scented candle combo. And as luck would have it, Bath & Body Works just came out with a collection of new candles that are sure to instantly set the warm and cozy mood for your special night in!

It’s no secret that Bath & Body Works has the best smelling candles out there. They’ve got scents for almost any mood and occasion! And for Valentines 2021, the brand is releasing nine three-wick candles. The lovely lineup comprises of five returning scents and four new ones. So if your special someone happens to love collecting candles, you can never go wrong with some nice candles from Bath & Body Works!



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Bath & Body Works has added four new candle scents to their Valentines 2021 lineup

For this year, Bath & Body Works has brought back their Candy Hearts (which came out last year), Pink Apple Punch, Pink Lilac & Vanilla, Honeysuckle & Freesia and White Lavender & Eucalyptus. The returning scents are predominantly floral. So to balance this out, Bath & Body Works has come up with a delicious range that’s sure to tantalize your senses (not to mention make your mouth water). The new scents include Bubbly Rosé, Pineapple Pancakes, Whipped Coffee and Wildberry Jam Donut. I don’t know about you but I certainly felt a little hungry after reading all those new candle names!


Candy Hearts 3-wick candle

Candy Hearts 3-wick candle
Bath & Body Works


Honeysuckle and Freesia 3-wick candle

Honeysuckle and Freesia candle
Bath & Body Works


Pink Lilac & Vanilla 3-wick candle

Pink Lilac and Vanilla candle
Bath & Body Works


White Lavender & Eucalyptus 3-wick candle

White Lavender Eucalyptus candle
Bath & Body Works


Pink Apple Punch

pink apple punch candle
Bath & Body Works

The new scents are inspired by delicious flavors

The Bubbly Rosé candle features the combined essence of pink sparkling rosé, sweet blood orange and a splash of cranberry juice. Meanwhile, the Pineapple Pancakes candle offers the combined deliciousness of fresh pineapple, fluffy pancakes, sweet banana slices and brown sugar.

The Whipped Coffee candle, on the other hand, will warm up your home with the smell of an espresso shot mixed with whipped cream and brown sugar. And if you’re going for a sweet mood, the Wildberry Jam Donut candle will be right up your alley as it features the mixed scents of sweet wildberry jam, powdered donut and brown sugar crumble.


Bubbly Rosé 3-wick candle

Bath and Body Works new Bubbly Rose candle scents
Bath & Body Works


Pineapple Pancakes 3-wick candle

Bath and Body Works new Pineapple Pancakes candle scents
Bath & Body Works


Wildberry Jam Donut 3-wick candle

Bath and Body Works new Wildberry Jam Donut candle scents
Bath & Body Works


Whipped Coffee 3-wick candle

Bath and Body Works new Whipped Coffee candle scent
Bath & Body Works

Source: Bath & Body Works