Miyuli Draws Her Beloved Cat In 12 Different Well-Known Styles


When you're a budding artist, it's important to practice drawing (or painting / sculpting / printing / carving / whatever it is you like to do) in a number of different styles, as it will ultimately help you to find your own approach. Young artist Julija K, who also goes by the name 'Miyuli', has shown us that she really understands how to imitate the methods of other artists or the styles of various cartoons, but she also has her own unique technique of drawing, too. She picked one of her favorite subjects, her cat, and drew her in 12 different styles. She's featured everything from 'Tim Burton' to 'Adventure Time' to 'Dr. Seuss'. If you want to see more of Miyuli's work, be sure to check out her Tumblr or Facebook page!
Website: Miyuli on Tumblr





What do you think about Miyuli's cat art? Do you think she's imitated the specified styles well?

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