19 Reasons Why Women Became Strippers

People have their personal reasons for doing certain things. Most of us work because we need money to put food on the table. We go to school with hopes to have a bright future ahead. We eat because we are hungry. Whatever we do, we do it for a reason. But have you ever wanted to know the reasons people choose to take their clothes off for money? Here we have a list of images sharing the reasons why women became strippers. Take a look… 

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

No regrets. 

Everyone’s just trying to find a way to get by. 

Stripping often pays better than most day jobs.

Good for you! We’re glad you found a way to set yourself free. 

Seeing how easy it is to make money stripping, some people think ‘why bother with school’?

You were only trying to help.

Putting food on the table is something many people take for granted. 

Sometimes things can surprise us. 

Just balancing it all out.

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Some people don’t like ‘standard’ jobs. 

Med school is expensive. It’s no surprise what people would do just to pay tuition fees.

Some things are the way they are just because.

You gotta start somewhere to reach your dreams.

People do what they can for the people they love.

Taking care of kids, putting food on the table, and all other expenses… it takes a lot of money for just one parent.

Lessons learned!

It’s no joke that movies can influence people.

Not everything you plan on doing works out well.

Everyone has their reasons.