Sadly This Cat Lost All 4 Of His Paws To Frostbite So People Helped Get Him 4 New Prosthetic Ones

It’s not unusual for temperatures in Siberian Russia to turn so low it could frostbite a cat. Yes, that actually happened. The good news is that his owner loved Ryzhik the cat, and had him fixed with 4 bionic paws.

Indeed, Siberian Russia can be extremely cold, especially during winter. While the people have become used to the severely low temperatures, not all animals have adapted that well. In fact, it’s not rare to find pet paws getting frostbitten. Too bad that sometimes, it does result in the death of some of our furry friends.

Nonetheless, the cat named Ryzhik (meaning Redhead or Ginger in Russian) made it through after losing all his 4 paws in January. At that time, temperatures dropped really low in Tomsk. The frostbite took a high toll on the cat; gangrene set in pretty quickly. So, the vet had to amputate his limbs.

The kitty’s owner, however, never gave up on his cat. He wanted to make Ryzhik’s life easier and more comfortable for him, so he took him to the right clinic. It was in Novosibirsk, and in there, the vets can implant artificial limbs.

walking ryzhik the russian cat with 4 bionic paws
Vesti Rossiya

Ryzhik, a cat in Russia, lost his limbs due to frostbite and was given 4 bionic paws as a replacement.

artificial bionic paw for ryzhik the cat close up
Vesti Rossiya

Using 3D modeling and computer tomography, they were able to fit 4 artificial paws into Ryzhik. Of course, they had to make sure that the cat will be as comfortable as possible.

cat ryzhik going down the stairs on 4 bionic paws after frosbite in russia
Vesti Rossiya


ryzhik the cat from russia with 4 bionic paws after frosbite
Vesti Rossiya

Speaking about the experience, surgeon Sergey Gorshkov said that:

“[Ryzhik] is definitely the first cat in the world who experienced such surgeries.”

ryzhik the cat bionic paw
Vesti Rossiya

Thus, it’s quite likely that the Russian kitty is indeed the first cat to have 4 bionic paws in all the world! How wonderful!

surgeon explaining 4 bionic paws in ryzhik the cat
Vesti Rossiya

Gorshkov further explained about the cat’s limbs, saying they were made of titanium. In fact, they were also attached to Ryzhik’s bones! Moreover, the crucial part which connects to the bone and the skin had to be spongy to allow for tissue growth around it.

4 bionic paws for frosbite victim cat in russia
Vesti Rossiya


russian cat ryzhik on 4 bionic paws after frosbite
Vesti Rossiya

In the videos that follow, you’ll see Ryzhik on his 4 bionic paws, walking. He’s going down the stairs! Also, you’ll notice that he’s not trying to shake off the artificial limbs. This most likely means he is alright and is comfortable enough with the new set-up.

cat ryzhik walking on 4 artificial limbs after frosbite in russia
Vesti Rossiya


frosbite victim ryzhik the cat with his vet
Vesti Rossiya

The cat may not be in the running mode yet, but given some time, the specialists are confident that Ryzhik will find it easier to roam around with his new paws.

cat ryzhik walking on 4 bionic paws in russia
Vesti Rossiya

Here’s a video about Ryzhik the cat:

Using their innovative solutions, surgeon Gorshkov and his team back in the specialized clinic continue to help animals recover from various troubles. Other than attaching new limbs, they also help rebuild parrot beaks and cattle hoofs.

Source: The Siberian Times