14 Hilarious Tweets By A Guy With A Great Sense Of Humor That Will Brighten Your Day – Part 1

Some people out there just have a natural flare when it comes to humor. For many of us who feel we are personally funny, sometimes we lack the confidence to put our jokes out there. One person who you could learn a thing or two from is Jeff Wysaski. Jeff operates the most hilarious Twitter account that has a wide range of different humor styles to suit everyone. Take a look below for just a few examples of his creativity and prepare to be put in a very good mood!
Website: JeffWysaski

A very good point!

You might have to read this a few times over!

That got deep real quick!

This is actually plausible. 

People are so presumptuous. Who says you can’t cheer yourself up?

Well, when you say it like that…

Hashing things out the safe way!

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Dogs do make everything better!

As far as dad jokes go this is a winner!

Isn’t this moment just so awkward?

Beautiful indeed.

And, they both killed happily ever after!

Don’t get in the way of a person and their cinnamon toast crunch!


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