Charming Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Love

With everything going on in the world, life can get you down sometimes. You only have to switch on the TV or open a magazine to be bombarded by an onslaught of bad and downright worrying news. With all that’s currently going on, it’s easy to sometimes mistakenly feel that the world is a very negative place. So, to bring some much-needed positivity and hope into your life in these uncertain times, we have some wonderfully heartwarming images of true love that’ll make you smile. Be careful though, some of these are real tearjerkers!


This husband trying to make his depressed wife feel better.

charming love stories writing mirror

What a sweet couple.

charming love stories woman hug man

When her husband passed away, one loving wife hung their wedding outfits up like this. 

charming love stories wedding outfits

When this photo was taken, this charming young couple didn’t know they’d wind up being happily married for more than 60 years. 

charming love stories vintage couple

True love goals.

charming love stories tweet

She loves him so very much!

charming love stories snapchat

When his dear wife died, this man had had her clothes made into a quilt to snuggle with. 

charming love stories patchwork quilt

Together for 37 years, they both look so smart in their matching outfits.

charming love stories matching outfits couple

He stayed at his wife’s bedside for four whole days after her open heart surgery.

charming love stories man wife hospital

The definition of true happiness.

charming love stories hit on

Bunty and John, immortalized forever.

charming love stories love bench

This couple began writing love letters to each other at age 15 and never stopped.

charming love stories love letters

Even through she’s passed, he still takes her out for coffee. 

charming love stories man photo wife

During the Korean war, she sent a photo to her sweetheart. This is the photo he sent back to her in return.

charming love stories man photo

You’ll agree that these photos so far have been amazing. Some will have made you smile and others have probably brought a tear to your eye. Love is such a bittersweet emotion and when it’s found, it should be nurtured and treasured for life. When you truly adore someone you’ll do all you can for them as many of these images show. Love is such a selfless emotion and these people are perfect examples of that. Remember, if you’ve any wonderful love stories or photographs of your own, don’t forget to let us know all about them in the comments.  

Married for 54 years and still so completely in love.

charming love stories happy couple

What a fun photo! You can just see the love!

charming love stories grandparents rain

A true gentleman indeed!

charming love stories grandpa tux hospital

She’s so excited for them!

charming love stories engaged couple

After she had surgery on her wrist, he faithfully did her hair for her until she got better.

charming love stories elderly couple hair

Even on her death bed, he sang to her as he had done each night for the past 70 years.

charming love stories couple sick

These two are having a ball!

charming love stories couple swin fun

We hope he had fun!

charming love stories date night

This couple with Down Syndrome has been married for 22 years and counting, proving all the doubters wrong.

charming love stories downs syndrome couple

You’re never too old to have fun together!

charming love stories elderly couple cart

To celebrate 70 years of marriage, this happy couple recreated their original wedding day.

charming love stories couple recreate wedding

They even hold hands while they sleep.

charming love stories couple hand hold

When she lost her memory, he patiently and lovingly taught her how to read again.

charming love stories

These two know how to have fun!

charming love stories buggy horse couple