Regrettable Photos That You Won’t Be Able To Undo

If only there’s an undo button that we can use in this life, there would be no more room for mistakes. However, reality doesn’t work that way and we have these regrettable photos to confirm this sad truth. The decisions we make may not end up the way we expect them to be. But the sad thing is, we can’t turn back the time and re-do things over. All we can do now is to fix the present and prepare for the future. Regrets are just parts of life and they should serve as lessons that could help us in our future decisions. Here are some regrettable photos that you might wish to undo but you simply just can’t.



When you’re too eager to receive your boost of inspiration from a fortune cookie. But all you get is an empty promise.

This is the time when you regret not paying attention when the tattoo artist is inking the name on your skin.

The fact that this fancy corsage is made from condoms makes it more interesting. But we’re assuming that these condoms weren’t used, were they?

Signs are supposed to help us find the right directions, not to get us lost by giving us messed-up directions. Now how am I supposed to find gate 10?

You can blame the gap on the sidewalk for being too loose. Or you can blame the tires of your bike for being too thin.

Graphics aren’t only appealing to the eyes but they are even more useful than texts. So what happens when they try to replace graphics with texts? This deck of cards becomes useless.

This looks harmless at first but the real problem comes during emergency situations where those extra space could have greatly helped.

15 times an undo button would’ve helped



The car park barrier would allow your car to enter but not your trailer. But it could have just let it pass through if only you were faster.

When you consider gambling as a part of your family, this is when dispute within your real family starts.

As much as we hate to admit it, these knee-activated water taps are kinda innovative. Not on their functionality but on their aesthetic design.

Just when you thought signs can’t get any more confusing, then comes this street sign.

Is it a pull on this side or is it a push? This confusing door sign is pushing me over the edge.

Oh, England! Can you at least show regard to the tomb of your first King? Why would you let him hold that sign for you?

This car manual is somewhat stuck with something. When the instruction asked you to turn to page 17, this is what awaits you.

Apparently, someone has forgotten we’re already living in 2018 where WordArts are already deemed shoddy.