Reese’s Have Released Holiday Lights That You Can Devour This Holiday Season

Our favorite peanut butter cups have been changing shapes to go with the current season. For this coming holiday season, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme Holiday Lights will surely dominate the candy aisle. Every Christmastime of the year, peanut butter fans are all delighted with the Reese’s Tree in the shape of Christmas trees. It has become a tradition for all Reese’s fans to celebrate the festive season with these tree-shaped treats. But this year, Reese’s offering for Christmas will be flashing a new shape. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme Holiday Lights, as the name implies, will be in the form of Christmas Lights.

reese's peanut butter creme holiday lights 4-pack

Each chocolate-covered peanut butter creme takes the shape of a Christmas light bulb. Moreover, each bulb-shaped treat is individually wrapped with lustrous wrappers to make them look like real glimmering LED lights. The new Reese’s Peanut Butter Creme Holiday Lights come in a pack of four retailing at $3.99 each pack. You can find these Yuletide-themed candies at most major retailers nationwide starting from October 28 and throughout Christmas season.

Reese’s Holiday Lights are in the shapes of Christmas light bulbs

reese's peanut butter creme holiday lights

We loved the Reese’s Tree and enjoyed it for years. But the new Reese’s Holiday Lights would be a refreshing way to have a dazzling Christmas. Make the festive season even brighter and merrier with the Reese’s Holiday Lights. So get it here now and stock up for the holiday. These yummy treats make the perfect addition to Christmas candy dishes, Christmas stockings, and themed parties.