The Regular Reese’s Puffs Cereal Will Also Come In A Much Larger Size Soon

What could be better than Reese’s Puffs? Well, that’s a no brainer! That would be the Reese’s Big Puffs cereal. These puffs are basically three times bigger than the regular ones. We definitely need a bigger bowl now. If you’re anything like us, you probably have no problem taking down a bowl of the Reese’s-flavored cereal. And if anything, you’ve also complained how these goodies are too small for your huge appetite.

This is actually not the first time that our favorite chocolate-peanut-butter cereal was offered in a bigger version. In 2018, the Reese’s Puffs XL hit the shelves much to the delight of all Reese’s fans. The limited edition variant features bigger corn puffs that are 3x larger than the regular puffs. It comes in a 5oz resealable snack pouch. However, the XL version sold out quickly and people are wondering whether they’ll be back on the shelves again this year.


The Reese’s Puffs XL were spotted on the shelves in 2018


Well, here’s the good news. General Mills is said to be releasing the Reese’s Big Puffs which is apparently pretty much the same as the Reese’s XL. Instagram snack blogger @thejunkfoodaisle was one of the first who caught wind of this great news. And it was later confirmed by the brand’s official Instagram account by posting a photo of the actual packaging.


No one has spotted the new Reese’s Big Puffs cereal just yet. But it is said that they will be dropping at Walmart anytime soon so be on the lookout. General Mills is yet to make further details as to whether these bigger cereals are only here for a limited time or if they’ll be here for good. But we’re hoping they’ll be here forever because you know, bigger is always better. Obviously, these bigger puffs will give us more chocolate and peanut butter flavor in every bite. What’s not to love about that?

You can get yourself the regular puffs here.