People In The UK Can Get Their Hands On The KitKat Gold Caramel Flavour Soon

When KitKat posted a cryptic photo of a golden vault on their Instagram page, fans seemed to get the message quickly. Along with the caption “Something golden is coming…”, the post was like a confirmation for the great news. A day after the post, Nestle finally confirmed the launch of the Gold KitKat in the UK. The announcement came with a short clip of the golden vault opening to reveal the treasure inside. There sitting on a red plush pillow was the indulgent new KitKat flavor.

This isn’t something new for Aussies since the flavor was initially launched in Australia in 2018. Although it was made available in the land down under as a limited edition, the rest of the world just couldn’t help but to be green with in envy. Luckily for Europe, the long wait is finally over.


Where And When Can You Get The Gold KitKat?

The chocolate brand officially confirmed that the KitKat is returning early this year. And this time, it will be hitting Europe. It will be launched in the UK on February 3rd in Co-op and Nisa stores. And will roll out to retailers nationwide on March 31st. We still need to wait until then. But based on how it looks, we’re pretty sure that the sweet treat is as sumptuous as its packaging.


The returning four-finger treat will keep its classic wafer with its milk chocolate base that everyone loves. But unlike the regular KitKat with a milk chocolate topping, this bar is topped with a layer of white chocolate and caramel. That’s layer after layer of goodness with every bite.

“We’ve had an amazing response to the new KitKat experiences that we’ve introduced over the last few years. I am certain that KitKat Gold is going to be just as big a hit on these shores as it has been down under.”, Nestle UK’s marketing director, Alex Gonnella said.


The Kitkat will only be available in the UK for a limited time only. So better mark your calendars and be on the lookout come February. We’ve got a feeling that these delightful treats won’t last long on the shelves once they arrive. And since Nestle has been bringing Australia-exclusive flavors to the UK, it might as well consider bringing the KitKat Red Velvet Whirl to Europe as well.