14 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have A Strict Mom


Things are tough when you grow up with a strict mom. You might know that, deep down, she has your best interests at heart. However, that doesn't provide much comfort when all your friends are allowed to do things, that you will never in a million years get to do while you live under the same roof as your mom. But, you're not alone… there are plenty of people out there who have grown up in a similar situation! These are fourteen things you'll relate to if you have a strict mom! Check them out!


When you've been happily relaxing on your own and this happens!


When you somehow manage to do the impossible.


When you check your phone and you know you're in trouble!


When your friends don't understand that the crime is really not worth the potential punishment.



When you have to be sneaky in order to go out anywhere!


When you have to warn your friends that they could end up in trouble, too.


When you receive a request like this and you're not even surprised.


When you're dating someone and they think they'll get to meet your mom!


When your mom somehow expects you to be home before you've even left?!


When your mom calls you home early.


When you see your pals having fun outside, but you've been ordered to do chores!


When your mom brings out the big guns.


When your mom thinks she's going to catch you out!


When you call your mom to ask if you can do something and she says 'No!', before you've even started asking your question.

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