Proofs That Humans Are The Weirdest Creatures On The Planet

We belong to a surprisingly wacky species and the weirdest creatures inhabiting this planet. Despite our effort to show that we’re the most logical beings in the world, our natural silliness is still undeniable. Even the most unimaginable happens due to the fact that a human’s imagination knows no limit. This shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve spent so much time on the internet. You’ve probably seen all the different types of people but the strangest kinds certainly leave a mark. If you’re still wondering how bizarre people can be, we have some proofs to confirm it. We have gathered some photos to prove that humans are indeed the weirdest creatures in the world.



If women have high-heeled shoes, men also have high-sneakers shoes.

Reddit | hunjocky

Is there something creepier than this? I’m not referring to Stephen Harper himself but the way the face turns towards me is downright eerie.


This strange cat grabs the first prize for the Cutest and Yummiest pet award.

Reddit | Stan62

I wonder what type of music does a power plug play? He seems to enjoy  the sound.

Reddit | Tony_Sacrimoni

Even artifacts at the museum need to have some fun like we do.

Reddit | jeg_seconds

Camera glitches can create the most surprising effects and sometimes the scariest.


Self-checkout machines are convenient and we don’t really care about their aesthetic features. I’m having second thoughts about taking a receipt coming out from a girl’s mouth.

Reddit | SympatheticMPK

Humans are the strangest creatures on this planet



These Lego figures are getting more and more realistic these days.

humans are the weirdest creatures
Reddit | ChrisonCroissant

At night when everyone’s asleep, this bull comes to life to haunt you in your dreams.

Reddit | maximuffin2

Manhole cover or pineapple? I can’t really tell.

Reddit | BeenToHell

A bacon that you can squeeze right out of a bottle, like a ketchup. Innovative but I doubt it has the same crispiness of a real bacon.

Reddit | igarglefire

Go home, man! You’re drunk!

Reddit | celery2015

Now raise your hands if you want to smell like bacon.


And just like that, Jack went down into the puddle leaving Rose weeping all by herself.

Reddit | action_jim

This guy wants to do a face swap with the Hulk head figure but the app detects his hand instead. The result was hilariously weird.

Reddit | Irish_R3bel