Confessions From Bosses About What It’s Really Like To Be One

Once you have moved up the corporate ladder, you’re going to have subordinates. And when you are a boss, you have bigger responsibilities. You may think that being a boss is all about the higher salary, but these confessions from bosses may give us a different perspective.

The perks and the challenges of being on top. Here we have a few confessions from bosses about what it’s really like to be one.

Is this the life or what?

When you just have to keep it professional:

We’re all in this together.

And that’s when you know it’s worth it.

When it gets really interesting:

This sounds like a good Romantic Comedy plot.

In everything you do, balance is key.

When some of the perks are this amazing:

Maybe not thinking about it this way could help.

When you realize that life is like being constantly in High School:

When being a boss makes this thing easy:

But sometimes the job really gets to you.

When people do not run out of things to complain about:

When people get on your nerves:

There’s this thing call resigning?

Everything has its downsides.

When you need to remind yourself about your salary:

And let’s hope that this is just a joke.

When you just can’t be transparent all the time:

Who wouldn’t want this?

Fake it till you make it.