Items That Could Be In Your Attic That Are Worth A Fortune

Need to get rid of those items in your attic that are just collecting dust? Before you throw out the junk, take the time to sort out the treasure from the trash. Here are 10 things that could make you a lot of money…


Before laptops, tablets and mobile phones, typewriters were all the rage. If you still have one stored in your attic, check the serial number to know its manufacture date and check online or with an appraiser to know its worth.

A Royal portable faux wood typewriter from 1929-1930 is worth $405.


Upside-Down Ball Mason Jars

Only produced between 1900 to 1910, these jars double as food storage and a dispenser for a coffee grinder, and because it’s extremely limited, you can sell these for $1,000.


Luggage Set

Vintage trunks, designer or non-designer sets are worth a thousand bucks.


Vinyl Records

Old records will always remain timeless and in demand, especially those from the 60s and 70s. Records by The Beatles, Prince, Bob Dylan and David Bowie can rake you $5,000 to $45,000.

The Beatles


Vintage dollhouses, specifically made by popular toy companies such as Hobbies of Dereham can be sold starting from $2,000.


Milk Glass Banana Stand

The Victorian era is about opulence and back in the day, people wanted a dish for everything, even bananas. Those created during 1900’s can be sold for up to $100.

Laura Leaf Farms

Sports Collectibles

Sport related items, especially those from Ivy League universities, are very profitable. According to Country Living, collectibles from early Harvard vs. Yale games can fetch you $700 depending on their condition. Look out for items from 1897 to 1909.

Vintage College Football Programs and Collectibles

Soda Crates

Back in the day, soda companies were made up of local pharmacies who mixed and bottled small amounts of soda which were delivered in these wooden soda crates. Today, these rare boxes have a retail value of $100 to $200 (depending on how old it is).


Milk Glass Easter Eggs

These delicate, decorative glass eggs were initially sold so Victorian ladies could decorate them for spring. Although the embellishments may have faded, they’re still cherished by many. Heritage auctions put them up for sale at $775.


Rocking Chair

That good ol’ rocking chair can give you extra cash provided that it’s in great condition and has markers for identifying its craftsman and manufacture date. A Mission Oak Sewing Rocking Chair by Gustav Stickley is worth $850 on eBay.


Do you have items in your attic you think are worth a fortune?