Top Marks For This Dad Who Creates The Best Lunch Notes For His Kid


D Conard, a boredpanda community member, has a very special and caring husband. You see when their son Cameron was in kindergarten he began making him cute little illustrated lunch notes on index cards. By the time Cameron reached the end of 3rd grade he had literally hundreds of the cards as his dad Rick made him one every single day.


The cards are very precious to the family as a lot of their life and adventures are recorded on them and Rick shows no signs of stopping this awesome and loving tradition. This year Rick mixed things up a little by using a sketchbook to write a graphic novel in daily installments for his son. Cameron, his school friends and even his teachers now look forward to lunchtime every day to see what's going to happen next. What an awesome thing to do for his son. Rick is one in a million! Read on to see some of his work.




















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