Inspiring Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

Whenever we take pictures, it’s pretty normal when we see some photos which we can just erase without being reluctant about it. On the other hand, one of the main goal of taking photos is really to make it as memorable as it could be, even if sometimes we may already look silly on it. These are the kind of photos we want to have as there will always be some memories attached to that photo. Having said that, here are some heart melting photos that just speaks of so much emotion.

A candid reaction of a grandmother who used Face Time for the first time ever.

clemdawg82 / imgur

A reunion of a navy commander and a navy officer. We’re guessing there’s just so much nostalgia in this event.

SendMeASelfie / imgur

When your child sleeps alongside with your pet, but they make sure they are touching. Adorable! 

Strongpillow / reddit

When you can’t truly appreciate something, take this 42-day coma survivor as an inspiration. He requested Taco Bell and this was his initial reaction after getting the food.

tchron / reddit

Two elephants seemingly saying their goodbyes to each other for the last time. Now I have personally seen this a picture a couple of times and it still breaks my heart every time.

Bandeep Singh / facebook

This is just so cute! Big brother be like “That’s my brother right there getting his first kiss!”

rraaaaaawwwwwwrrrr / reddit

That sweet innocent gasp this child makes after she has been served with the “Mommy Drink” she has been wanting.

aftie / imgur

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After getting an 8.5-hour sleep, this baby’s parents might have felt the same happiness.

xIII3IIIx / reddit

It was his first time at the beach.

praetorian97 / imgur

People aren’t born racist. 

Go_Habs_Go31 / reddit

Smiles after getting engaged. Aw. 

fireball_cooper / reddit

Let your smile change the world young fella! Despite having a rare condition that would bring some people down, he manages to radiate joy and fun! 

Oriental_Chainsaw / reddit

This is the last picture captured of this beautiful dog before he passed away. His owner treasures this photo immensely. 

Dvolterra / reddit

This cat is amazed at how fast things are moving outside the car.

ItBuildsCharacter / imgur

Now this is what a true fist bump should be. A story of how strong you both are! Such a heart warming photo.

GiorgioMD / reddit