Basak Erdemir Takes Inspiration From Real Life When Creating These Awesome Plates


Basak Erdemir, who also creates under the name Floripa Artworks, lives in Istanbul, where coffee culture is a big deal. Alongside traditional Turkish coffee houses, there are a number of French style cafes in Istanbul. Erdemir has taken inspiration from the real-life characters she sees in these French cafes and has immortalized them by drawing them onto porcelain plates. Talking about the women she draws, Erdemir wrote…

''Their dual nature in every dimension fascinates me: they are both cool and wannabes, intellectual and superficial, they have a chic, but out of date fashion sense. The most common attribute that all the women share is that they all have compartmentalized their consciousness: one part is heavily living at the moment while the remaining core is living an alternative life deep inside them.''

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Even without the story behind them, these plates are gorgeous. But, definitely too cute to eat off!

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