Oreo Popcorn Is Coming And It’s Made With The Actual Cookies And Cream

Have you ever had to choose between Oreos and popcorn on movie night? If you’re an avid snacker, you know that this dilemma is a bit of a nightmare. Because if you choose either, you’ll just end up craving the one you didn’t choose while you’re watching the movie. Luckily, someone over at Candy Pop understood the struggle, so they came up with the ingenious Oreo Popcorn. Finally, we won’t ever have to deal with the hassle of balancing a pack of Oreos and a bucket or bowl of popcorn ever again!

We all know popcorn’s just more delicious when it’s paired with something. In fact, Candy Pop completely changed the game when they coated popcorn with Twix last year. But this new Sam’s Club exclusive is a proper game changer. Admittedly, Candy Pop did release cookies & cream flavored popcorn, but they didn’t use actual Oreos back then. So we’re totally confident that this Oreo-flavored popcorn will hit the right buds on our pallet.

oreo popcorn
Sam’s Club


Enjoy two snacks in one sitting with Candy Pop’s Oreo Popcorn

According to the description, the new cookies and cream flavored popcorn is drizzled with Oreo’s original creme filling. Then, to top it off, Candy Pop also sprinkled these novel treats with crushed cookie bits. This popcorn snack’s sure packing a lot of interesting elements and textures. Whoever thought cookie crumbs would ever cover popcorn? What a time to be alive!

several oreo cookies



bucket and bag of popcorn


If you can’t wait for January 21st, you can try making the cookie-flavored popcorn yourself


As of writing, the Oreo Popcorn is yet to officially grace Sam’s Club’s shelves. But you won’t have to wait long, because it’s reportedly popping into our lives and snack bowls starting January 21st. Each 20-ounce bag will retail for only $5.98, so you can definitely grab a bag…or two. We’ve also received word from Sam’s PR rep that we can expect more exciting flavors in the next few months. We can’t wait to see (and taste!) what crazy combination Candy Pop will come up with next!