You Can Now Get Twix Flavored Popcorn And It Looks Beyond Good

The season of scary movie marathons is over. Which means that our favorite holiday flicks are back in the menu. And we’re going to need bowlfuls of popcorn for that! Understandably, you might be feeling a bit bored with popcorn from all those binge-watching sessions you’ve been having. But the Twix Popcorn that Sam’s Club just popped onto their shelves might convince you start craving again!


Before Sam’s Club launched this decadent popcorn, our only option of getting Twix-covered popcorn is by following recipes off the internet. And while those recipes are good, this official Twix Popcorn definitely packs a lot more than you would expect. Essentially, the lightly salted popcorn is coated with Twix then drizzled with chocolate and caramel.

Selling exclusively at Sam’s Club, it’ll cost you $5.98 for a 20 oz bag of this popcorn. Each 20 oz bag contains 19 servings, but we’re pretty sure you’d manage to gorge on it all by yourself. We guarantee that one bag won’t be enough. You’ll definitely want a whole bag to yourself. So save yourself from the heartache of having to share and just get as many bags of it that you can. Since a 20 oz bag only retails for a little under $6, there’s really no harm in stocking up so everyone can have a delightful nibble.

Your Christmas movie marathon just got a whole lot yummier with the decadently sweet and salty Twix Popcorn!

twix popcorn bag
Sam’s Club


twix popcorn bag details
Sam’s Club

If the five star reviews on the product page is any indication, this salty sweet snack is definitely a hit among Twix and popcorn fans.  Because there’s truly nothing like settling in the couch with a bowlful of delicious popcorn while watching a good movie. We can already imagine watching Buddy The Elf while eating this by the handful! And if you find yourself somehow unable to finish the entire bag in one sitting, you don’t have to worry about it going stale. The bag is resealable, so you can stow it away for your next marathon.

three bags of twix popcorn in a shopping cart
Sam’s Club

CandyPop is truly making a name for itself by creating the world’s most unusual yet mouthwatering snack combinations we never knew could exist. And they’re definitely not stopping the sweet streak with the Twix popcorn. In fact, a representative from Sam’s Club said that more flavors will be coming in the next months. However, you might want to get a lot of this variant now, while it’s still in stock because its availability is limited. Get the Twix Popcorn exclusively at Sam’s Club now!